Climbing Out of the Pit / Free at Last

Today marks the one year anniversary of my husband’s passing.  It has been a year sometimes filled with regret and guilt that I didn’t support him emotionally the last 6 months of our 35 year marriage.  But I have lived through the pain and learned to accept the past which includes three of my five children no longer wanting contact with me.  

Now, I am out of the pit of despair.  Life CAN begin anew.  Four people helped me climb of the pit of depression: Xanthia (may she rest in peace);  my cousin, Jayne; my friend, Kim; and my new partner, Bruce, who is my true Soulmate.

Is peace possible? Today I can say confidently “Yes.”

Watercolor and micron pen.

Disclaimer: This isn’t to say that once a person climbs out of the pit they’ll never fall back in again. On Mother’s Day when not one of my five children contacted me,   I fell in again. What can I do to change their attitudes? Not one damn thing. Thousands of mothers (and fathers) face the same predicament : children you love no longer love you.  I know I must accept it.  Maybe when I do I can stay out of the pit of depression.


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